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Grand Piano Action Regulation: Glide Bolt Adjustments

glide_bolt_3One of the first important steps in grand piano action regulation is the adjustment of glide bolts. The glide bolts sit at four points distributed lengthwise along the center rail of the grand piano action. They have a tuning-pin-shaped protrusion towards their top, a central threaded portion that allows for up-down adjustment, and smooth rounded bottom. The bottom of the glide bolt both provides support for the center rail of the action and allows the piano to easily glide from left to right when the una cord pedal is depressed. Continue reading

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Replacing Hammer Return Spring Cords

Screen Shot 2016-05-03 at 4.27.57 PM

In this set of video tutorials Macho and Neway from Floating Piano Factory in Hong Kong show us how to replace hammer return spring cords on a Yamaha U1 upright piano. It is quite common for these cords to wear out and break. In this piano, virtually all of them have become useless!  Continue reading

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Piano Furniture Repair: Lacquer Chip Fix (Video)

2015-10-30 15.13.18
In this post we conquer a nasty chip in a customer’s piano finish by consulting with some of the leading experts in the repair and refurbishment of fine pianos. This is an essential skill for anyone interested in furniture refinishing and furniture repair.

Since 1966 A.C. Pianocraft, now located in the Long Island City area of Queens, NY has been resurrecting old, worn and damaged pianos—giving them new life and lustre. From soundboard and pin block replacement to action rebuilding and piano furniture refinishing they handle every aspect of revitalizing vintage Steinways, Mason & Hamlins and other highly regarded makes of piano. With a factory-style work flow, they move each piano from one specialist to the next on a magical journey of rebirth.

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