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Grand Piano Action Regulation: Glide Bolt Adjustments

glide_bolt_3One of the first important steps in grand piano action regulation is the adjustment of glide bolts. The glide bolts sit at four points distributed lengthwise along the center rail of the grand piano action. They have a tuning-pin-shaped protrusion towards their top, a central threaded portion that allows for up-down adjustment, and smooth rounded bottom. The bottom of the glide bolt both provides support for the center rail of the action and allows the piano to easily glide from left to right when the una cord pedal is depressed. Continue reading

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Centro Cultural


Sunset over the town

We’re at a halfway point in our journey in this foreign land. I arrived in Peru six months ago with some ambitious goals in mind, but without a completely concrete plan on how to accomplish them. For instance, I had no idea how or if the Ambassador program would evolve. We didn’t know if we could thrive as a business with members on different continents. I knew I wanted to perform a concert somewhere in town, but where? When? How? Continue reading

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No Instruments of War

As my adventures in Peru continue, it’s amazing to experience how our intricate web of connections continues to grow. In my previous post, Piano Ambassadors, a string of strangely serendipitous encounters led me to a local piano concert. It was there that I happened to sit next to a very nice couple, and in the midst of friendly conversation, learn that they had a piano that was direly in need of a tune up.

Jose and Roxana at the concert

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Piano Ambassadors

20151110_201148_413 (1)In my previous post I visited a C. Bechstein piano in Arequipa that I found for sale through OLX.com, an online classified site . My intention was to view the instrument as a possible purchase or at least as a way to get a sense of the piano market here in Arequipa. I was surprised to find that the visit transformed into a pivotal experience for our diplomatic projects here in Peru!

I will give a brief account of the previous post: With broken Spanish, after evaluating the C. Bechstein piano for sale, I explained the Ambassador Program to Luis—the piano’s seller. Me explaining the Ambassador Program was simply meant as a bit of small talk and a way for me to practice my Spanish. To my surprise he was not only interested in, but became quite enthusiastic about the project—our talk inspired him to attempt to connect me with a former classmate of his. Due to my inexperience with Spanish I was not sure whom this person was, but was excited to find out.

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