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An Even More Amazing Machine: The Great Player Piano Restoration

What an admirable feat to restore this ancient player piano! We at FPF are immensely impressed and hope to tackle similar projects in the future!!

An Amazing Machine

Although my summer’s project came to a very satisfactory completion almost four months ago, I haven’t had the time until now to showcase a complete debriefing of the transformation. I could blither on forever about the particulars, but I’ll let the before and after photos speak for themselves. I’ll also put in here a link to a couple of videos that pretty thoroughly explain the intricacies of how this thing works. First, some stats:

Manufacturer: Haines Piano Co. Rochester, New York

Serial No: 72790

Year of Completion: 1924

Date of Keybed Manufacture: 1919

Weight: ~850 lbs.

Scale: 88 note, A0: 54 inches.

Backplate Pressure: ~24 tonnes (53,760 lbs.)

Action: Haines Accu-Point Action ®

Center Pedal: Bass Dampers.

Player Action: Manufactured by the Armstrong Player Action Co. Rochester, New York

Player Action Serial No. 50613

Player Action Type: Full Scale 88 Note, dual valve (176 valves, 2 per key); Auto Center; Mechanical Rewind.

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