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FPF World Tour, Part 7: Kicking Brain Crack in Philly


There’s this phenomenon called brain crack. Have you ever heard of it? I remember the term was introduced years ago, by a vlogger named Ze Frank.

Basically: when you have an amazing idea in your mind, it’s easy to just keep thinking about it. Over and over. Planning all the wonderful details, crafting the perfect plan, dreaming up how great it’s going to be.

But you never actually do it.

You just get addicted to the idea. And there’s no way, if you actually did it, that it could ever live up to the idyllic concept you’ve created. So there you are, caught in a feedback loop, addicted to brain crack.

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A Cool Gift for Musicians and Composers!

Check out this cool gift I got from my brother and sister in law for Christmas! It’s a tiny little music box that you can create your own music for. The music is made by punching holes in special paper on a grid that looks much like a musical staff. You feed the paper into the music box and the holes in the paper pluck the tines in the music box.

The contraption that makes the music does not come with a box, but as you can see I made my own box by affixing it to an old metal container using a few small screws. The box helps amplify the sound and provides a way to handle the mechanism more easily.  Holding the machine against a table or large surface can also help it resonate.

You can watch this video to hear two compositions I made. I play them slowly first and then later you can her them a little louder because I set the box on top of the piano and faster because I ran the crank a bit quicker.

It’s a cool little gift! I highly recommend it! Here’s a link I found to get it online. It’s made by Kikkerland.

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