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FPF World Tour, Part 6: Back to the Big City


May 17-19, 2016

After my short but full stay in Cartagena, I flew into New York City. I was excited to return to the Floating Piano Factory home base, catch up with friends, and re-discover the beauty of this town. While I was there, I stayed with friends in Long Island, a couple that I came to know through a long chain of music-related moments…

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There are these names that keep popping up. Certain people are mentioned again and again in various conversations. It’s like echoes calling me forward, and If I search long enough, I might find their origins.

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Gratitude and Appreciation

Arches and

While staying at la Casa de Melgar I met a painter, accompanied by a group of unusual tourists. This painter takes travelers on tours throughout the world, showing them how to document their experiences through artwork: instead of snapping photos, they paint pictures.

He discussed with me how you can have a richer sense of a place if you take the time to sit and paint it. You’re there for an extended period of time, and can watch the scene change as the hours pass. For example, he had just come from Cuzco where he had been painting the Plaza de Armas over several days’ sessions. Just before he finished his last sitting, a group of school children arrived, and they formed two rows as they waited for some activity. The geometry of it was such a perfect addition to the scene already in process—so he quickly sketched them into the piece before they dispersed.

The experience of a place is never captured in one photo, one video, one conversation, or one story. A memory lives with depth in time, space, and levels of awareness.

You don’t know what will come into frame if you take that extra time to watch and listen.

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Centro Cultural


Sunset over the town

We’re at a halfway point in our journey in this foreign land. I arrived in Peru six months ago with some ambitious goals in mind, but without a completely concrete plan on how to accomplish them. For instance, I had no idea how or if the Ambassador program would evolve. We didn’t know if we could thrive as a business with members on different continents. I knew I wanted to perform a concert somewhere in town, but where? When? How? Continue reading

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The Secret Guide on How to Practice in 9 Steps: Part 1

For some music instructors practicing is such an intuitive process that they neglect to explain in detail what should be done during a student’s practice session. If your skills progress slowly or not at all perhaps they’ll even bark a few criticisms that you should “work harder.” Interestingly many performers have discovered that good practice often does not feel like work at all. How can this be? We asked our friend Steve Hudson, an accomplished jazz pianist who teaches extensively, to share how he approaches the piano while practicing. He studied jazz piano at Rutgers University with Eathan and he went on to earn a masters degree from the Manhattan School of Music. Check out his playing in the video above. Here’s what Steve has to say about practice…


Warming Up at the Piano: Self-awareness and Your Sound

Hello pianists, musicians, and music lovers,

I wanted to share with you some techniques I use to warm up at the piano that I am hoping will help you in your music and become more connected with your instrument.
These 9 steps I have developed over several years and have led to beautiful discoveries in my music. I would like to share them with you over three blog entries. These techniques can be used with the piano, or any instrument for that matter.

First off, consider warming up at the piano Continue reading

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