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The First Piano in Arequipa

20151110_193556_132_wp.jpgRead on to begin the three-part tale of how attempting to sell an inadequate electric razor can lead to a friendship with a piano playing international diplomat and a series of interconnected musical adventures.

OLX: in Arequipa, Peru and many other global locales it supersedes craigslist as the best place online to buy, sell and trade used items locally. When I was unable return an electric razor (“cortapelos”) I recently bought but did not like, I put it for sale on

After registering for the site I got curious about what items were listed by others. Naturally, my first instinct was to browse for pianos. While searching I quickly realized that here in Arequipa there are no real pianos for sale on OLX—only electric pianos and toy pianos for children were to be found.

However, to my surprise, Continue reading


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How to Find a Great Piano in NYC – Think Like an Engineer

piano 150314 001a

Just yesterday I got an email from Adrian Biltoft, an engineer who lives in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn. From my first contact with Adrian I knew he was going to find a great piano for himself and his family. Yes, it helps that he chose Floating Piano Factory to assist him in his search, but even more importantly Adrian had an ideal approach. He was highly organized, he knew what he wanted and he gave great instructions to us.

This is in contrast to alternative methods of finding a piano—find one failed approach recounted in this NY times article—a bit of a sad saga of a piano that went from trash to treasure and back to trash in a matter of months. The typical story starts at a quaint little thrift shop. A cute little spinet is joyously discovered for only $200. Door do door delivery is promised for only $20 extra (typical piano moving costs can reach $500). Unfortunately a week after delivery the piano technician’s first visit reveals that the instrument is one whole step flat (C sounds like Bb should), and the loose pins are beyond repair because the pin block is cracked!

This is not Adrian’s story—his story ends with a fun new beginning. This is the email I just got from Adrian:

My experience with Isaac was very positive…I will also be following up with Isaac for a tuning on the piano I purchased based on Isaac’s assessment.  Tuning will be scheduled in a few weeks once the piano gets used to its new home.


So where did Adrian go right? Let’s take a look at his first email to us—a picture of perfection. If you want to find a great piano this is how to go about it:

From: Adrian Biltoft
Date: Thu, Jan 29, 2015 at 1:24 PM
Subject: Piano Evaluation for Purchase
To: “” <>

Earlier today spoke with Bimol about FPF providing services related to the review, evaluation, and tuning of a potential piano to be purchased on Craigslist or PianoAdoption.

What I would like to occur is:

1) Review list of links (see below) of available pianos for purchase.
2) Recommend a prioritized short list to pursue for appointments for onsite evaluations.  (I have a car, so we can drive to several locations if necessary)
3) Based on a positive evaluation from prioritized list, I would like to purchase the first acceptable piano and will make arrangements to have it delivered to XX address.
4) Piano Factory can then tune and provide maintenance once at XX address.

The desired piano is an upright model with fairly modest requirements:  piano lessons for children and for an amateur player who has been out of practice for 10 years or so.

The location will be in a loft type apartment in living room ~400ft^2.

Please review the following upright pianos available from a recent search.  Are particular makes/models terrible to steer away from or good and dependable?  Etc.

Would like to obtain best available and also with consideration for maintenance and tuning requirements.  Would like to keep budget ~$1000.  If you run across a “must have”, would consider paying more.

Feel free to give me a call at XXX-XXX-XXXX.

Please send all email correspondence to adrians@email .



Adrian’s itemized list is clear, achievable, and respectful of our time. You can copy that same list into your email if you want to contact us about finding a piano. Highlights of his technique: 1) He provided 10-15 links which gave us a good idea of what he was looking for and demonstrated he had done essential preparatory investigation. 2) He entrusted us with filtering his list and he is willing to invest some money up front for one or two in person evaluations. 3) He is ready to make the purchase and understands the delivery process. 4) He is already developing a relationship with technicians who can take good care of his piano even before he has it in his home!

His general description of his needs (who is playing the piano, space and budget requirements) is succinct but very informative. It’s helpful that his budget is flexible in the case that we find something awesome. Finally, he’s provided links to pianos in a variety of locales (Brooklyn, Queens, even Connecticut) which increases his chances of finding a great deal.

We are so appreciative of well informed and organized customers like Adrian! He allowed us to find the perfect instrument for him! Here’s another photo of the piano smiling proudly in its new home:

piano 150314 003a

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