Who Wants a MusiClock from Perttu Pölönen?

Are you learning musical scales and finding it tough to keep track of them all?

Or are you really getting into understanding scales and modes for composition and love new ways of understanding them?

Maybe you are an improviser and you want a quick way to learn all the scales you need to know in a way that’s fun, not a headache.

When the next lesson rolls around and you haven’t quite mastered the scales your teacher has assigned it’s quite embarrassing. Its discouraging.

Ever get together for a jam session and feeling completely lost in all the chord changes?

When are you ever going to master those scales?!!

Maybe you are a teacher and you don’t have any issues with scales BUT YOUR STUDENTS DO!

5b85b0_f26d8d72965b4dd495c752bcb3343b20-mv2_d_3888_2592_s_4_2My good friend Perttu Pölönen, from Finland has come up with an answer!

He’s won 5 figure grants in Finland and more across the globe in support of his fresh new idea called the MusiClock.

Do you ever notice that when you find a creative new way to look at an old problem learning can actually become effortless?

Watch this video and let Perttu explain exactly how cool his new invention is and what it can do to make your or your students’ learning experience not only manageable but fun!

Email Perttu today at perttu@pertunes.com with the subject “FPF sent me” and he might just send you one to try out or share  with your students for free!

You can also go virtual and download the Musiclock app from the app store right now!

“MusiClock makes music theory more fun and approachable for children. It transforms scales and chords into a visual, easy-to-grasp form which is a great starting point for music studies.”

Esa-Pekka Salonen,

Principal Conductor of London’s Philharmonia Orchestra and the Conductor Laureate for the Los Angeles Philharmonic


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One response to “Who Wants a MusiClock from Perttu Pölönen?

  1. great! Accessibility music for all! I want one for my students.


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