How to Connect With More Customers by Registering Your Piano Tuning Business with Google Maps (Google Places, Google Business) (Video)

When I moved my piano tuning business from Chicago to New York in 2009 I was extremely surprised to find out that within a couple of months my little website was making it to the top of google searches. A humble new guy in a big city full of great world class technicians that were already established—how did that happen?

I had no idea why but I certainly was grateful. It kept me from starving (to be the benefactor of such a wonderful windfall at a tough, transitional time in my life and career). To be clear, I had to really hustle to be successful, but this was key.

Even though I really needed this advantage to survive I still felt a little guilty when other piano technicians asked me how I did it. They might have been incredulous if I didn’t share exactly how that worked, even though I really was not sure.

I still don’t know everything works but I think that by now I’ve figured out a few things that helped make that happen. This post addresses just one. All on its own (even if I had no site at all) it was doing probably 30% of the customer recruitment work for me. Its something that’s really simple too. In this post I’m sharing this basic thing that takes 5 minutes to get started and can really improve the online exposure of a small business.

As a piano tuner, getting to the top of google searches can seem like a mysterious magical trick. There are lots of daunting ideas that one might come up with. “I need a website” would be the first thought! You’d be surprised to find out you don’t absolutely NEED a website to get to the top of google searches, right? And there’s other really simple things you can do that I don’t have space and time to adress here.

You’ll also hear about other, seemingly necessary ideas involved in making this happen that are daunting to have to either learn about or pay for (ack!). You know, like SEO, key words, reciprocal links, etc.  Interestingly enough, Google (All hail our supreme leader, Google) has made the process of getting found as a service provider (especially in a unique niche like that of piano tuning) much easier than you’d think.

I feel really indebted to all the generous technicians that helped me along my path to understanding the piano better and making a career of from it.

That’s why I made this video. I’d like any other technicians out there who need a way to increase their number of bookings and get more exposure to be able to understand the things that I have learned.

If you are in a remote area where there aren’t many tuners then you are doing your customers a disservice if they can’t find you on Google. And Google places registration alone could help you go from 5 tunings per week to 7 or 10.

Your new piano tuning customers will be happy with you and with Google when you finally show up at the top of every google search for “piano tuning” in your area.

As a whole, we technicians are a super generous bunch and I’m proud to be part of a community like that!  I hope this video is helpful for you as a piano technician.

If you found this information useful and you are interested in more like it I’m happy to share. I can send you a little checklist I put together of other things you can do to boost your business if you want. When you enter your email below I’ll get a notice to remind me to send that along.

Thanks for reading.

Eathan Janney, RPT


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