Pianos Inside Out – Cover to Cover

facebook1There is a great book for piano technicians and piano lovers called Pianos Inside Out, which was recently published in 2013. The author is a Croatian technician and pianist named Mario Igrec, who is a sharp and multi talented fellow. The book is overwhelming in its thoroughness, extremely useful and utterly impressive. It is  basically the next generation in piano manuals to have arrived since the release of a book called Piano Servicing, Tuning and Rebuilding  by Arthur Reblitz (first published in 1976 and updated in 1997).

It’s a bit expensive but most piano technicians I know have bought it and treat it like a bit of a treasure. Since it is pretty dense material, reading it from cover to cover is a bit daunting, but it sounds like a fun and worthy goal to most of us. It can simply be used as a reference book so this type of treatment is not necessary, but could be useful for discovering little facts and techniques one wouldn’t even know to look for.

So this is the goal—to read the book from cover to cover.  If you are up for it come join us. We’ll post summaries of various sections as we proceed. Hopefully this will help guide you on your journey through the book. Or perhaps some tidbits from one section or the other will give you something to think about or whet your appetite to delve in deeper. We’ll tackle 50 pages a week.

pages 1-50: History, Design, Construction



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